Privacy Policy

There probably isn’t much of a point to include a full-fledged privacy policy as there is no personal information collected by Cookies may be used but only in so far as they are necessary for the website to function properly. Since the sole purpose of this site is to categorize our designs, there is no need for you to provide any personal information in the course of using this site.

As noted at the top of each page that lists designs, clicking any design will open the appropriate product listing on Teespring or CafePress (service providers) in a new window.

The website at only provides a means of categorizing our entire product line. The shopping cart and checkout processes are hosted securely on each service provider's servers. Should you choose to purchase any of the products listed, will not collect any personal information. Some information collected by the service providers will be shared with Not Socialist as a result of a purchase. This may include your email which may be used for marketing new designs from Not Socialist. You may elect to no longer receive such emails at any time. Your email will never be sold, rented, or otherwise provided to any third party.

In order to track advertising effectiveness, third party code is included on pages within the domain. This includes code provided by Twitter and Google. In the course of providing their services, both Twitter and Google collect website traffic data of visitors to this website. The social media sharing links (Twitter and Facebook) provided throughout this website link to pages on each company's respective website. As such, the privacy and data collection polices of each social media site will outline the data collected to provide the ability to share links within each platform.

Given the poltical nature of the products offered on this site, the intended audience is the American public. While visitors from around the world may visit this site, only the laws of the United States apply. The owners of this website are not held to the laws of any foreign nation or group of nations.